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About Mandy Kellogg - Professional Photographer

My name is Mandy, and I live in the beautiful area in Wisconsin referred to as the Driftless Region.  I'm a full-time mom and a part-time photographer. 

Ever since I was a young girl I've always had a camera in my hands. Life has always seemed a bit more interesting through a camera lens, and I ached to capture it so that I would never forget. Until the last couple of years I spent much of my time taking travel and nature pictures.  My attention to detail and playfulness with angles worked well for this type of photography, and my passion for nature and for photography led me to many places that most people easily pass by without noticing.

After volunteering to take portraits while on the job for a nursing home, I realized the depth of beauty waiting to be found in the human subject.  Working in the alzheimer's unit, I also came to realize that some of us will unfortunately come to a point in life where we're unable to recall our most prized Life memories without the aid of pictures.  I then began having children, at which point my new fascination for portraits really took flight.  Accustomed to the valleys and the rivers, I was discovering new curves and lines; this time in faces. It is the essence of raw human emotion that I aim to capture. Those moments that pass us by far too quickly, and that, as we grow, we think back on often; recalling them to our children and then one day their children, who at some point may need to recall them to us.

It is my desire to freeze those memories and give them to you, so that as time continuously passes and you look back, you can point to a picture and say, “See. This was that moment”. And that emotion is right there staring back at you, never lost or forgotten.