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Maternity Photography

"A woman is the full circle.  Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform."  -Diane Mariechild

A lot of  women are self conscious about getting pictures taken during pregnancy.  I've gone through three pregnancies myself, so I know first hand that you don't always feel like you look your best.  But there's a unique sort of strength and courage and beauty that comes with being pregnant, and those are things you're going to want to remember forever.  Once the kids are grown, we no longer focus on the pain and frustrations of pregnancy, we remember the excitement, the wonder, and the intimacy of that early bonding that we're so lucky to experience.  This is the reason why women who do maternity shots never regret doing them.  This is one of the biggest moments of your entire lifetime; don't pass up the opportunity to get these memories saved while you still can.