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Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-2-5.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-8-2.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-5-3.JPG candid-wedding-portrait-photography11.jpg Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-19.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-11.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1-19.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-18.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-6.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-14.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-17.JPG candid-wedding-portrait-photography.jpg Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-8.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-12.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1-18.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1-5.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-15.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-9.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1-4.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-7.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-3-5.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-6-2.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-16.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1-6.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-5-4.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1-21.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1-3.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-10.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1-2.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-5-2.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1-10.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-5.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-4-5.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-3-2.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1-7.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1-15.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-4-4.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-4-3.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-4-2.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-3-7.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-3-6.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1-12.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-2-7.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-2-4.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-2-3.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-2-2.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1-9.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1-13.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-3.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-2.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1-20.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1-17.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1-16.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1-14.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1-11.JPG Candid-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1-8.JPG
Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-8-2.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-10.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-9-2.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-6-3.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1-2.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-7-3.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-7.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-7-2.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-3-2.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-6-2.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-6.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-4-3.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-3.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-8.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-5-2.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-2-3.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-5.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-3-3.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-4-2.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-5-3.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-4.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1-3.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-2-2.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-2.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1.JPG Posed-Wedding-Portrait-Photography-1-4.JPG
Wedding-Detail-Photography-5.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-4.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-24.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-22.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-11.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-1.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-3.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-2-2.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-21.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-20.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-3-2.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-1-4.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-19.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-6.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-18.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-1-2.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-17.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-1-3.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-16.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-15.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-14.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-13.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-12.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-2.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-23.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-9.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-8.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-7.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-5-2.JPG Wedding-Detail-Photography-10.JPG

Wedding Photography

"But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you.   Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls."  -Kahlil Gibran

Finding the Right Wedding Photographer for You.

Everyone knows that finding a wedding photographer can be quite a large task.  Technology has made it far easier by allowing you to view a photographer’s portfolio from the convenience of your own home, but in the end, the best way to know if I’m the right wedding photographer for you is to meet me in person.  Photos speak for themselves as far as creative vision and quality goes, but there is a lot more to wedding photography than just the end result. Although a large portion of my clients are in La Crosse, WI, I serve a large portion of southern Wisconsin such as Madison, Richland Center and surrounding areas. If you are interested in hiring me, please contact me so that we can schedule a pre-wedding consultation and get to know each other.  Until then, here is some information regarding the thought put into my work.

I’m a hopeless romantic; as much as I hate to admit it.  Every time a bride walks out to meet her groom and I see the look on his face I get tears in my eyes.  Understanding how incredibly unique and personal those moments are has a lot to do with my passion for saving them for you to look back on for years.  A true wedding photographer isn’t just working, they’re doing what they love, and it should show.

I try to keep my packages affordable.  I don’t think it’s right for someone to miss out on quality photos of their big day just because they don’t have the money for a glitzy photographer.  My family couldn’t always afford the kind of images I wish we could have had, so I consciously try to offer my services to a wider range of people than I probably could.  This is also why I have ‘build your own package’ pricing.  Not every couple wants or needs all of the things included in expensive packages.  I provide two base packages differentiated by hours, and you can add on any of the extras that you wish.

I’m easy to work with.  Many wedding photographers tack on high prices to do any extra editing or alterations after the images have been delivered.  I realize that though I may have thought a certain picture looked best black and white, you may not agree.  Send me an alteration request and I'll do my best to accommodate. 

Most importantly- I love what I do.  I enjoy being your wedding photographer and I feel incredibly honored when chosen to work for you.  I’m noticeably happy when behind my camera and I feel that it makes my clients more relaxed which leads to more authentic photos.

Candid Wedding Photography

I’m not the bridal paparazzi.  I am a non-intrusive and candid wedding photographer.  I will be sure to capture all of your special moments without causing a disturbance to you or your guests.  I personally believe that a lot of the best shots are taken when people don’t realize there is a camera focusing on them. 

Posed Wedding Photography

The only time I really work with the 'posed' shots are for the formal family pictures, and for some fun and goofy shots of the wedding party.  I also like to get some nice shots of the bride and groom together, usually near sunset.

Detail Wedding Photography

I am a lover of details.  As your wedding photographer I take notice of every little detail you put into your big day, and I appreciate all of them.  Every wedding is different and those details always stand out to me as unique and interesting. I know that no wedding day is perfect or flows smoothly according to plan and I actually enjoy the unpredictable nature of the work.  I am a laid back, but thorough, wedding photographer.  I am organized, calm and I like to keep things flowing in a way that seems to ease the nerves of the bride and groom.

Thank you for taking the time to review my work and read my words.  And congratulations on your upcoming big day!  Should you decide to contact me for a consultation, I look forward to meeting you.