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Posted by MYSQLroot on September 19, 2012

— Jan 30, 2018

The Clark Wedding

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— Dec 27, 2013

The Timm Family Welcomes Newborn Twins!

Jen and Tim's Newborn Session with Twins!

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— Feb 26, 2013

The Atomic Bombshells Calendar : February

Miss February wishes you a Happy Valentine's Day!

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— Jan 31, 2013

Dustin & Sam's Riverside Resort Wedding

Dustin & Sam got married at the beautiful Riverside Resort in Spring Green, Wi.

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— Jan 18, 2013

The Atomic Bombshells Calendar : January

The Atomic Bombshells Calendar, featuring Taylor : January.

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— Dec 28, 2012

'The Best of 2012' Photo Contest!

A contest to determine the best picture taken by Soul Exposure Photography in 2012.

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— Dec 4, 2012

Connor : Expert Tree Hunter

I take off to a Christmas tree farm for a session with the Olson family as they search for their perfect tree.

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— Nov 23, 2012

The Long Family's Portrait Session

I met up with the Long family for the second year in a row, this time near Coon Valley, Wi, just south of La Crosse. We spent an hour following their two young girls around and caught some amazing moments in the autumn sun.

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— Nov 20, 2012

Mackenzie's Senior Portrait Session

Mackenzie's senior portrait session from downtown La Crosse, Wi and Riverside Park.

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— Nov 12, 2012

The First Embrace

A soldier returns home from Iraq on his 1 year wedding anniversary.

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— Oct 31, 2012

Zombie Wedding - The Wedded Dead

A creative project for zombie enthusiasts. A zombie horde crashes the wedding guest list and the bride and groom take matters into their own hands.

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