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The Clark Wedding

Posted by Mandy on January 30, 2018

sh_thumbnail.jpg Last September I had the pleasure of working with Chelsey and Trevor on their   big day.  It was held on Trevor's family farm and the day was absolutely   gorgeous.  I like to add some personal detail to blog posts, so Trevor has decided   to tell us about the moment he proposed to Chelsey:

 "There was never any doubt in my mind after dating Chelsey for a few months,   that I would one day ask her to marry me. Probably not as quickly as she would   have liked, but oh well.  After being a part of numerous weddings and seeing all   kinds of proposals, it was hard to think of new ideas. However, there is one thing   in our life that we have shared since moving into together.  Our red fox lab, “Ruger!”  After purchasing our house we knew that we were going to have a lab name Ruger. Then one day, this little red lab came across Chelsey's news feed and she was instantly in love. I was in love too but didn't show the same emotion, because I didn't know if we were quite ready to have one yet. So, Chelsey and her friend traveled to Antigo to buy this chunky little runt. We, of course, fell in love with him and he has brought so much joy to our lives, that it popped an idea for a proposal into my head.

Anyone that has ever met Ruger will understand his OBSESSION with any kind of ball. Tennis ball,
baseball, football etc.  It doesn't matter; if you can throw it or fling it, he is ready to play and ready to run. So, I incorporated a little message on a brand new tennis ball.  “Will you marry Dad?”  I kept that tennis ball in my office for some time, still waiting for the perfect opportunity.  I had the ring hidden in the house.

One day in November I realized it was going to be a full moon and it was beautiful for most of the day.
However, I still hadn't figured out how and where I was going to propose. Then, another thought came into my head. We have built a great life at our home, we have a great location, and a great dog. Why can't I just do it at home? Is it not fancy enough?  But at the same time it is an original thought. Many times people go through with extravagant plans and that just isn't us. BAM, I had a plan and now I was nervous. So I brought home the ball and grabbed the ring. I told Chelsey to come look at the moon, however, it had just turned into a cloudy night. Bummer, but oh well.  I began playing ball with one of Ruger's “outside” balls. I told him to bring it to mom since I was trying to get her to play with him. So she started walking to the door and I quickly grabbed the other ball and threw it for him. She was definitely confused, as I had just told her to play with him and threw the ball right when she got there....

Ruger comes back just happy as can be as always, and drops the ball at Chelsey's feet. There is a slight
pause, not knowing what the issue was, she thought it was something else on the ball. She picks up the
ball and says “What?!?”, in what I was hoping was excitement. Meanwhile I am on one knee behind her
waiting to give her the ring! Gladly she said YES, and Ruger was just waiting patiently for her to throw
the ball again. She didn't throw that one but did throw his other one.

Fast forward 10 months to September 9, 2017 and we were married at my parent's farm and had the most beautiful day anyone could have ever asked for. And in case you are wondering... Yes, Ruger was
definitely part of the wedding day!"








"Working with Mandy was great! She answered all the questions that we had in a very timely manner. She definitely made us feel at ease when dealing with all the other stresses of a wedding. She was very behind the scenes which made for excellent candid photos, but was very professional when doing the standard group photos. She captured so many happy moments at our wedding that we can look back on for years to come. Highly recommend working with her, you will not be disappointed in your photos! Thank you so much for everything Mandy!" - Trevor and Chelsey Clark

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