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Zombie Wedding - The Wedded Dead

Posted by MYSQLroot on October 31, 2012

Zombie Wedding Photography Project

My fiance and I are really into zombies, so when my friend Ryan and his fiance Ashley got ahold of me and asked if I’d do a zombie engagement session, I was thrilled!  I often wish that I had more time on my hands for unique projects that utilize more creativity than the typical shoot.

Justin, my fiance, immediately began drawing up a storyboard which would show how these scenes would unfold.  We began the search for our zombies on facebook, and settled on three; Brent, Marty and Steph.  Trips were made to thrift shops to pick up clothing that could be ruined.  Weaponry was gathered.  Halloween makeup and buckets of fake blood was procured. And when the day rolled around, everyone gathered at our house and we all sat in the dining room around a table piled with a wide assortment of gore and fake blood.  All of us took turns doing zombie makeup, as our kids watched in confusion.

Once we were all set to go, we headed to a local cemetery to do the shoot.  The little moments ‘behind the scenes’ of this session were just as priceless as the session itself.  Watching a zombie drive a pickup truck down the road, another zombie holding our one year old son, having to hide behind the church as traffic passed by on the highway.  Our zombies had to practice their walks, movements, and their attacks.  In the end, though it was close, Marty probably won the ‘most realistic zombie’ award.  Everybody had a complete blast with this project, and I’m so thankful that someone chose me to do something so fun and unique.  A few months later I photographed Ryan and Ashley’s wedding.  This time without blood and gore.  Congratulations you guys!  


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